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Top 5 Best Luxury Cars to drive in 2019

Top 5 Best Luxury Cars to drive in 2019

Top 5 Best Luxury Cars to drive in 2019

Luxury vehicles are not just called so because of extensive levels of refinement and technology but also the kind of prestige that they bring. Since they provide outstanding comfort they are the vehicles that high-end executives and other high-class people choose to drive.

Features of a luxury car include
•Executive rear seats
•Active suspension
•Remote start
•Massaging seats
•Ventilated seats
•Spacious interior

Here is a list of the best luxury cars for 2019. This list outlines the cars that are great to drive, incredibly comfortable, and good to be driven in.

1.Mercedes Benz S- Class

When Mercedes sets out to manufacture Mercedes S Class their goal was to manufacture the best vehicle. Although it might not look like Jaguar XJ, this merc provides an experience that is very much appealing. Conceived as along wheel based saloon, this car is functionally exceptional and does what it was meant to do. It is meant to operate comfortably and quietly at all times. It also has a spacious interior, including an infotainment screen and suite of the rear cabin. As a matter of fact, it even challenges cars such as Rolls-Royce Phantom.

2.Porsche Cayenne

Love it or hate it but this sporty SUV Germans automakers best car. Having sold over 800,000 copies since 2012, this car can only be termed as the bread and butter of the German automobile industry. As compared to the old models the new models are slightly wider, longer and lower. It’s believed that the 2019 cars will be powered by Volkswagen 340 horse power and 3.0L turbocharged engine that’s also found in a few Audis. While the 2019 models may not differ so much from other models, they are expected to outperform them.

3.Range Rover

Coming with a spacious interior and a new monocoque chassis, this car can only be termed as a revolutionary as in any history. It has a heavy body shell that shields it from hard surfaces and is also very enjoyable to drive. Although it’s heavy, its weight is just a small thing as compared to a vehicle of this magnitude. As compared to other cars, it has a commanding driving position and makes you special to drive in. In fact, most 24-hour car rental companies will prefer it.

4.Audi e-tron Quattro

By the year 2020, Audi is planning to introduce not less than 8 SUVs and crossovers and the e-tron might just be the best among them. As an all-electric concept car, this car was first unveiled in 2015 at an auto show. This means the end product won’t differ so much from the concept version. In terms of size, most people expect it to be given a Q6 moniker. However, the Germans are determined to ensure that the concept is not changed. As a matter of fact, they have even decided to ensure that the original name remains intact.

5.Jaguar I-Pace

This is perhaps the first electric car after likes of Tesla S and X. Much more comfortable than the saloon, this car not only focuses on a striking design and interior quality but also offers a range of 215 miles. While the infotainment could have been made better, it’s still among the best luxury cars to watch in 201


Well, those are the top 5 luxury cars to watch in 2019. Everyone who drives would prefer to drive a luxury car. Luxury brands such as Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche comes with high-quality features that are pleasing. While driving a luxury car will mean you travel in comfort, style, and ease, choosing the best car still depends on your tastes and preferences.