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Cool Road Trips to drive in Spring

Cool Road Trips to drive in Spring

Cool Road Trips to drive in Spring

Spring is the best time of the year that you must get out so that you can explore the environment around you. This can offer you a soothing feel your body especially after you’ve trapped inside your house during winter season. The best way that you can explore many of the roads during during is to rent a car 24 hour so that you enjoy traveling regardless of the times of the day. In case you wish to know the best places where you can go on your road trip to the US then you should read this guide.

Lakeshore drive

In case you traveled to the Midwest, then the Lake Shore Drive in Illinois is the best classic 18 miles route that you must try. You can start your trip to Edgewater Beach and then drive downward to Jackson Park. This beautiful route drives in the US to the Lake Michigan and goes through the urban parks of Chicago. On springtime, you can gaze through almost 143,000 tulips and pansies planting on the side of Michigan Avenue.

Merritt Parkway

This’s one of the oldest parkways in America which is about 37 miles. It goes from New York city through Connecticut state up to Milford, CT.

Tamiami Trail

It winds across the scenic west coast of Florida from Tampa and then through Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Naples. After this, it makes it way through Everglades and then into Miami. This route covers an approximate distance of 275 miles in total. On your road trip, you can make a stopover at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve park, where you will have the best views of Miami city.

San Juan Skyway

This’s a massive route through Colorado which is about 230 miles long. When you’re on your road trip through this route make sure you pay attention to the surrounding environments especially when you’re between the Ouray and Silverton towns. This stretch is famously known as a million dollar highway due to its history of gold and silver mining the Victorian era architecture. You’ll find it amazing especially during the spring season.

Antelope Valley, California

If you have to take your trip during the spring season, you’ll be able to see many blooming golden poppies in the entire Majave desert area. The Antelope Valley which covers about 17,000 acres boasts having the highest concentration of flower in California state. You’ll also be able to see tidy tips, golden fields, and cream cups during the start of Spring.

In case you wish to explore the above road trips, then you should rent a car 24 hour as it can make easy as you travel.